The Body Solution

The absolute expectation by a therapeutic intervention is the human body to “BIO-RESPOND” to it.
This means the human body to respond only positively to that intervention by recognizing it as a beneficial process fully compatible with its physiology.
At first, “BIO-RESPONSE” might sound like a far-fetched wish. However, great numbers of organic and inorganic substances have been documented that in clinical level present “BIO-RESPONSIVE” attributes. In other words, they are substances with beneficial clinical results without adverse effects.
Yet, listing these substances was never done by the “BIO-RESPONSE” criterion, due to the novelty of the approachment.
By introducing the term of “BIO-RESPONDING” we essentially try to decode in a word the following idea: that a therapeutic intervention in order to account as a cure SHOULD BE FULLY ASSIMILATED by the regulatory and restoring functions of the human body.

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