The Body Evolution

Year 2000: The first stage of the human DNA sequencing is announced in the USA and the UK.
Year 2012: Supercomputer Titan is put into operation, making 17.59 x 1,000,000,000,000 calculations per second.
The combination of human genome sequencing with the exponential increase of the calculation ability is setting the realistic basis for the exploration of the “universe” of information of the human body.
Hence, when we talk about therapeutic intervention we could express it in terms of information.
In other words, we could say that a cure is the “intervention” for the “restoration” of the “modified” information with an “exact” information.
Till now, the overwhelming majority of therapeutic interventions is of temporary and not permanent nature. That is why many diseases are described as chronic and the medications used to cure them must be administered long-term, daily, in a prescribed dosage.
Moreover, the available therapeutic interventions are not personalized but implemented based on statistical results. Thus, the success of therapeutic intervention for each person is a matter of chance.
Therefore, until now we do not “replace” neither personalized or permanently the “modified” information.
Nonetheless, the “boom” of information technology and biology gives birth to expectations for the comprehensive oversight of the “universe” of information which is called human body.άζεται ανθρώπινο σώμα.

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