The impact of cardiovascular disease on the general population and on public health is significant.

Cardiovascular events remain the leading cause of death aw well as the leading cause of morbidity and disability in the entire world, in both sexes (WHO, 2008).

It is estimated that 83 million adults suffer from cardiovascular disease in the West and particularly in the U.S., while annual cardiovascular deaths amount to 4,530,000 among the 53 Member States of WHO in the European continent.

Cardiovascular disease is a term to describe various heart and vascular conditions; however, hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease are the major public health problems.

Scientific evidence is overwhelming to show that dietary factors are one of the main reasons of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is multifactorial but the majority of cardiovascular events occur as complications of atherosclerosis, which is a pathophysiological process preventable by diet modifications.

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