BIORESPOND Ltd is a pharmaceutical company who was established in 2011.

The mission of BIORESPOND Ltd is to cover various therapeutic needs with «BIORESPONDING» products.

BIORESPOND Ltd promotes therapeutic products of whatever origin (chemical , natural , biotechnological etc) under the prerequisite that these products have been  proved scientifically that they meet the criterion of «bioresponding».

The people of our company responsible for the operation and implementation of these goals , come from different parts of the spectrum of marketing and distribution of healthcare products as well as from counseling services in the same business sector.

Finally, an important notice concerning the human resources of our company, of interest to anyone who would like to work with BIORESPOND, is the offered synergy by the overall experience and knowledge we have achieved through an excellent combination of individual talents , assets and recorded successes in the professional arena.


The BIORESPOND Ltd personnel is inspired by the strong will to provide people with effective therapeutic interventions which have the minimum impact on quality of life.

The BIORESPOND Ltd personnel denies to compromise with the approach that the price of effectiveness is the number of adverse events.

Therefore the idea of «bioresponding» was born from our deep beliefs that we must search systematically of the therapies -for trivial to severe health problems- which are the most friendly to the human body.



Our Vision is to create, put forward and promote treatments in which the human body Bioresponds

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